Citations Handed Out to Martha’s Table Employees


Martha’s Table employees were issued citations by our Pre-School Police this afternoon.

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Martha’s Table Kids are PBS Kids


For the past year, volunteers from Howard University Television, one of DC’s local PBS stations (WHUT) have been working with the children in our Child Development Center on a variety of projects that are all geared towards helping them learn the basics of reading and writing so that they are ready for school.

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Yoga for the Young


Our 3-5 year old children in our preschool had the opportunity today to explore the world of yoga!

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Growth in the Garden!


The rains of the past few weeks have allowed our garden to take root, and with the children in our programs carefully tending to the budding plants, the garden has really grown!

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Congratulations, Debbie! 20 Years at Martha’s Table!


Today marked the 20th anniversary of Debbie Cooper working at Martha’s Table. She is the welcoming face behind the receptionist desk and for many, she is the face of Martha’s Table, always willing to lend a helping hand.

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Martha’s Table’s School Yard Garden


This past week Martha’s Table volunteers and kids have been hard at work making sure our school yard garden is under way for this years harvest season.

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Let’s Kick It Up A Notch!


Clagett Farm, is a working farm, owned and operated by Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. They grow vegetables for their Community Supported Agriculture program, raise grass fed cattle and have a native tree nursery on more than 285 acres.

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“Writing Takes the Boring Out of Sundays”


Friday was the First Annual Career Day for the Elementary and Bridge Programs at Martha’s Table. We had guests from all different types of careers from a lawyer, a banker, a writer to firefighters.

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Here’s To New Friends of Martha’s Table, Cheers!


Last night, new friends of Martha’s Table let loose and participated in a silent volunteer mock auction (m-auction) while supporting a great cause.

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Healthy Schools Campaign


Today Martha’s Table was full with a fury of activity. Students from a high school in Chicago won a cooking competition, to create the healthiest and most liked dish for over 40,000 student lunches around the country. These lunch will be served in cities like DC, New York and Chicago.

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Planting Seeds!


The pre-school and toddler classrooms have been learning about planting and growing seeds. They even created craft representations of what their bean sprouts plants would look like after they grow.

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National Volunteer Week – Thank You Volunteers


Our volunteer program is the backbone of Martha’s Table. In the early years, almost 30 years ago, Martha’s Table was run entirely by volunteers. Now, they are still a very large part of what we do here at Martha’s Table everyday, and are essential to allowing our programs to run smoothly.

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Martha’s Table Hearts Community Dinners


Martha’s Table held our 29th Annual Easter Community Dinner this past Sunday and was met with gorgeous weather, eager diners and hard-working volunteers. On Saturday afternoon, we converted our regular food preparation work space and our Daycare playground into festive dining rooms where folks could enjoy their homemade dinner.

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Not Eating candy Has a Sweet Reward


Martha’s Table received a letter from one of our youngest donors yesterday – seven-year-old Andrew Kaleigh was donating some hard-earned money. He participated in the Candy Challenge 2008, giving up eating candy for an entire year!

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