Meals for Minds

By Martha's Table |
Starting in August, Martha’s Table will be partnering with Target to provide groceries to the students of two elementary schools (Garrison and Amidon Bowen) in Washington, DC, one day a month, throughout the school year.

Finding Science in our Garden

By Anne Seltzer, Daycare Program Intern |
Simone Johnson, the Director of the Martha’s Table Daycare Program is excited with this new project and the partnership with CAUSES at UDC because of the doors that it will open up for the children.

Let's Move

By Anne Seltzer, Daycare Center Intern |
In an effort to combat the current epidemic of childhood obesity, Simone Johnson, the director of the Martha’s Table Day Care program, has made a pledge and become a certified member of “Let’s Move Childcare.”

It is time to step up to the Table!

By Michelle Palacio, Volunteer Program & Development Intern |
During the summer young adults and students come from all over the world to intern in Washington, DC. This summer Martha’s Table has 12 students interning in various programs...

Got Milk?

By Martha's Table |
We do. We recently received a very large donation of perishable items and need to give it away before it expires.

Help the Homeless 2011

By Martha's Table |

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