Meet Our Education Team


Mireille Lopez Humes

Senior Director, Education Programs

Mireille is the Senior Director, Education where she leads all education initiatives aimed at ensuring Strong By 8 for all children enrolled in Martha’s Table which includes Early Childhood Education, Out of School Time, Older Youth and Family Engagement. As part of the senior management team she actively contributes to the strategy development and implementation and shares responsibility for the overall management of Martha’s Table, in fulfillment of our mission.

Key Staff


Beatriz Barros

Beatriz Barros is the Assistant Director of Healthy Start. Beatriz has over 15 years of experience working in the education field. She has previously worked at the Latin American Youth Center, with DC Public Schools, charter schools, and various local non-profit organizations focused on education. She has a Bachelor’s in English from Boston College and a Master’s in Elementary Education from Trinity College.

Desiree Brown

Desiree Brown is the Assistant Director of Family Engagement.


Felicia Jones

Felicia Jones is the Director of Healthy Start and is responsible for the annual outcomes for the early education program and out-of-school times where she measures the performance of the programs and its staff. Felicia is committed to sustaining high-quality early learning environments for all children by focusing on the needs of the whole child. Prior to beginning her work at Martha’s Table, Felicia led the Judy Center at Arlington in Baltimore City where she worked with a team that served children ages 0-5 and their families through strategic city-wide partnerships with the ultimate goal of achieving school readiness. Prior to working with the Judy Center in Baltimore, Felicia worked as a special educator in Montgomery County Public Schools and a Senior Manger of Family and Community Engagement at the DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative in Ward 7.


Thanh Pham

Thanh Pham is the Academic Coach for Martha’s Table’s Healthy Start program, where she provides instructional support of the Early Childhood and Out-Of-School Time teachers. Her experiences in education range from working as an Early Childhood Teacher to Program Designer, Program Manager, and Center Director. Thanh earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Adolescence Development and her Master’s in Early Childhood Special Education from San Francisco State University.