McKenna's Wagon

McKenna’s Wagon, our mobile soup kitchen, rolls out 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Volunteers stop at the following locations and serve, 65 gallons of homemade soup, sandwiches, desserts, fresh fruit and refreshments. 

5:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 2nd and H St.

5:20 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. Pennsylvania Ave and 19th St. NW

6:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. 15th and K St. NW


  • Beginning February 5th, we will serve a hot meal on BOTH vans.  This includes the 1-stop and the 2-stop.
  • For now, the “hot meals” will consist of a pasta dish or casserole of some sort.  This will be prepared ahead of time by Martha’s Table kitchen staff and volunteers or donated from food donors.  Once we are more familiar with the new process and receive an increase in participation from donors, the dishes served will evolve.
  • To ensure that we are serving HOT meals, we will have heated food in aluminum serving trays, in food warmers on the vans and serve/plate food into “to go” containers on site.  This will be like pouring soup on site except that we will not be serving soup.
  • We will continue to put sandwiches and desserts on the vans, this will be pre-packaged in bags with 2 sandwiches and 1 dessert.
  • If the weather does not allow us to serve hot meals onsite (rain, snow, etc) we will revert back to serving soup and sandwiches for that day.

We will continue to serve only soup and sandwiches 5 nights a week and will always serve some sandwiches on McKenna’s Wagon.  Later in the year we’ll probably add a day, to take the Hot Wheels Initiative to three days a week.  Gradually we will expand to 7 days a week, but only after food donations increase to support the Hot Wheels Initiative.  

Any donors who wish to donate raw vegetables or other ingredients such as pastas, rice, and other items, all items are listed on our website.  Donations can be dropped off at Martha's Table anytime between 10-4 Monday through Sunday.  This is a healthy, positive and long time coming change to McKenna’s Wagon and we are excited to share our vision with you.  As always, we are open to feed back, the initiative will not run perfectly from the beginning, we ask for your patience and to help us provide the best possible service to the clients.

Serving Procedures for Weekend McKenna's Wagon Volunteers

Special One-Stop Guidelines for weekday Volunteers


Volunteer will pre-package the soup from 4:45 to 5 pm every evening.  The van will leave at 5:15pm. The Two Stop van leaves at 5 pm.

On the One Stop, service will be out of the back of the van and on supplied tables instead of the side of the van.  This change has to do with traffic flow on 2nd Ave and safety concerns.

Safety Concerns

  • Parking against the curb:  If at all possible, in order to minimize safety issues, please pull up 2nd Ave to where the curb curves into the side walk and the parking spaces begin.  Back the van into the curved in side walk area.  We have a detailed map in Demetri’s office where we can show you the exact area.
  • Service: We will not serve out of the side door.  Serve the bagged food and soup out of the back of the van to folks lined up on the sidewalk.  The idea is to set up 2 tables out of the back of the van, one with drinks/soup and the other with bagged sandwiches/hot prepared meals.
  • Traffic Cones:  Because of the nearby traffic lanes, volunteers will set out traffic cones and a rope.  This creates a barrier between the parking lane and next lane of traffic.  The crew leader should deploy two volunteers at the end of the cone barrier to direct clients into a line that forms close to the curb or on the sidewalk, rather than near a lane of traffic. 
  • Safety Vests: will be worn by the volunteers who are directing clients in a line behind the barricades and in the winter, volunteers will be given traffic directing flash lights.  The vests can be found in the blue bin in the van.
  • We should try and not let clients walk out into the street after they have received their food.  We also have to make sure that clients do not walk out into the street from the front of the van.  If there are any cars that drive by, that would be a blind spot for them.

Staff and explain these procedures in more detail when you arrive to volunteer.  Just ask!